Managing the Business

Composition of the Board

The Stagecoach Board is accountable to shareholders for the Group’s activities and is responsible for the effectiveness of corporate governance practices within the Group.

The composition of the Board is as follows:

  Chairman Independent
Other Director
Sir Brian Souter
Gregor Alexander
Non-Executive Director
James Bilefield
Non-Executive Director
Sir Ewan Brown
Non-Executive Director
Karen Thomson
Non-Executive Director

Will Whitehorn
Senior Independent Director &
Deputy Chairman
Ann Gloag
Non-Executive Director
Martin Griffiths
Chief Executive
Ross Paterson
Finance Director
Ray O’Toole
Non-Executive Director
Julie Southern
Non-Executive Director

Good corporate governance remains central to delivering the Group’s objectives. The Board is committed to maintaining a corporate governance structure appropriate to the Group and its strategy.

Division of responsibilities

Sir Brian Souter was the Chief Executive of the Group until 1 May 2013. When Sir Brian became the Chairman of the Group the Board created the role of Deputy Chairman. The split of the Chairman's, Deputy Chairman's and Chief Executive's responsibilities has been agreed in writing and has been approved by the Board. The Deputy Chairman reports to the Chairman and to the Board and has responsibility for ensuring proper corporate governance. The Deputy Chairman's role includes ensuring that the Board's consideration of matters is in the best interests of the Group and unaffected by conflicts of interest. No executives report directly to the Deputy Chairman.

The Chairman is responsible for the running of the Board and for ensuring that the Board as a whole plays a full and constructive part in the development and determination of the Group's strategy and overall commercial objectives. The Deputy Chairman is responsible for ensuring that the Board determines the Group's strategy and overall commercial objectives with the overall success of the Group in mind and to provide guidance in this regard to the Chairman. The Chief Executive is responsible for proposing and developing that strategy with support and guidance from the Chairman. The Chief Executive is responsible for the running of the Group's business and reports to the Chairman and to the Board directly. All other members of the executive management team report either directly or indirectly to the Chief Executive.

Will Whitehorn, as well as being Deputy Chairman, is the Group's Senior Independent Director and is available to shareholders if they have concerns which contact through the Chairman, Chief Executive or Finance Director has failed to resolve or for which such contact is inappropriate.