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Directors' Remuneration

Our approach to remuneration is to ensure that the key components are consistent and easily understood, that overall remuneration is not excessive and that the share based incentives and other elements of variable remuneration provide an alignment between the objectives of executive management and shareholders. The Group has delivered a strong financial performance over a sustained period and we consider this has been supported by the clear direction provided by the remuneration policy.

A complete copy of the company's approved remuneration policy is available on our website at:

In determining appropriate levels of remuneration for the Executive Directors, the Remuneration Committee aims to provide overall packages of terms and conditions that are competitive in the UK and will attract, retain and motivate high quality executives capable of achieving the Group’s objectives and to ensure that they are fairly rewarded for their individual responsibilities and contributions to the Group’s overall performance.

The Remuneration Committee believes that packages for the Executive Directors should contain meaningful performance-related elements and that these performance-related elements should be designed to align the interests of the Executive Directors and other senior managers with the interests of shareholders. The Remuneration Committee is able to consider all relevant factors when setting the Executive Directors’ remuneration, including environmental, social and governance matters. Performance targets are established to achieve consistency with the interests of shareholders, with an appropriate balance between short-term and long-term targets.
Performance targets include financial measures as well as non-financial targets, such as environmental and safety objectives. The incentive arrangements for the Executive Directors are structured so as not to unduly increase environmental, social and governance risks by inadvertently motivating irresponsible behaviour.

The Remuneration Committee regularly reviews the existing remuneration of the Executive Directors, making comparisons with peer companies of similar size and complexity and with other companies in the public transport industry. Proposals for the forthcoming year are then discussed in the light of the prospects for the Group as a whole. The Remuneration Committee is also kept informed of the salary levels of other senior executives employed by the Group. The approach is consistent with that applied for the workforce in that we look to pay competitively with reference to the market rate for a job. With regard to pensions, the Remuneration Committee has access to reports from pension scheme trustees and scheme actuaries regarding the cost of pension obligations.

We also consult our major shareholders in developing policy.

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