Managing the Business

Board diversity

The Company believes strongly that its Board benefits from comprising talented people with a range of perspectives and from differing backgrounds. The terms of reference of the Nomination Committee reflect this in the criteria for identifying suitable candidates for nomination to the Board.

The company was co-founded by Ann Gloag and throughout its life as a listed company it has had at least one woman on its Board and, since May 2001, at least two. There are currently 10 directors of the company.

The percentage of women on the Board is 20% and the Board aspires to maintain at least this percentage in the future. In addition to board diversity, the company believes in promoting diversity at all levels of the organisation.

The table below shows the gender split at different levels within the organisation as at 30 April 2016. The Group's workforce is around 80.9% male and that high proportion is common in the ground transportation industry. However, the composition of our teams is becoming more diverse.

Population Male Female Total %
Board 8 2 10 80.0% 20.0%
Senior management* 93 23 116 80.2% 19.8%
Whole workforce 32,453 7,672 40,125 80.9% 19.1%

* Senior management is defined as those employees who receive awards under the Group’s Executive Participation Plan and individuals who are statutory directors of the corporate entities whose financial information is included in the Group’s 2015 consolidated financial statements in the Annual Report. This satisfies the definition set out in the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013.