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Rail Franchise Bids

We are one of the UK’s biggest rail operators and are involved in running around 20% of the passenger network.

The UK rail market is split into a number of separate franchises, which are awarded by the Government for set time periods. Train operators bid to operate the franchises on the basis of specifications set by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Our bid strategy is focused on delivering better services for passengers, value for money for taxpayers and the right risk-reward profile for our shareholders.

Stagecoach Group’s wholly-owned UK rail franchise operations are:

In addition, Stagecoach Group runs two inter-city rail franchises in partnership with Virgin Group:

  • East Coast: Stagecoach has a 90% shareholding and Virgin holds 10%.
  • West Coast: Stagecoach has a 49% shareholding and Virgin holds 51%.

Based on the latest DfT rail franchise schedule, the timeline of each of our current rail franchise contracts is as follows:

  • East Midlands Trains: will run until at least March 2018
  • South West Trains: due to expire in August 2017
  • Virgin Trains East Coast: runs until at least March 2023
  • Virgin Trains West Coast: runs until at least March 2018

Stakeholders seeking to contact us about rail bids should email bidteam@stagecoachrail.com