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As one of the biggest rail operators and a major supplier of tram services, we carry hundreds of thousands of passengers to and from work and on leisure trips every day.

UK Rail

We are one of the UK’s biggest and most experienced operators and our services carry nearly one in five people using the country's passenger rail network.

The UK rail market is split into a number of separate franchises, which are awarded by the Government for set time periods. Train operators bid to operate the franchises on the basis of specifications set by the Department for Transport (DfT). Each franchise has a Managing Director.

Stagecoach Group’s UK Rail division includes the following franchises:

  • South Western: this incorporates the South West Trains and Island Line networks. The franchise is one of the biggest in the UK. It runs nearly 1,700 trains a day in south-west England out of London Waterloo railway station. Island Line, on the Isle of Wight, has been designated a Community Rail Partnership. The current South Western rail franchise is due to end in February 2017, however the Department for Transport’s rail franchise schedule envisages an extension option to June 2017. Brand: South West Trains. Managing Director: Margaret Kay.
  • East Midlands: we run fast, frequent services between London St Pancras International and key destinations throughout the East Midlands, including Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Following a Direct Award agreed with the Department for Transport, the franchise will now run until at least March 2018. Brand: East Midlands Trains. Managing Director: Jake Kelly.
  • East Coast: the franchise, operated by Stagecoach and Virgin, is one of the two mainline routes between London and Scotland, providing fast, frequent services connecting London with Yorkshire, the North East of England and Scotland. Key destinations include Peterborough, Doncaster, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness. The franchise runs for eight years until the end of March 2023, with the option for a one-year extension at the DfT’s discretion. Brand: Virgin Trains East Coast Managing Director: David Horne.

Information on Virgin Trains can be found under Joint Ventures.

Stagecoach also operates a major tram network in Sheffield.

  • Sheffield Supertram: a 28km light rail network incorporating three routes. It is operated on a 27-year concession running until 2024. General Manager: Margaret Kay.

Key facts

South West Trains

Annual passengers: 220 million
Train carriages: 1,400
Employees: 4,600
Network size: 607 miles

Island Line

Annual passengers: 1.1 million
Train carriages: 12
Employees: 40
Network size: 8.5 miles

East Midlands Trains

Annual passengers: 24 million
Train carriages: 325
Employees: 2,000
Network size: 883 miles

Sheffield Supertram

Annual passengers: 14.5 million
Trams: 25
Employees: 290
Network size: 18 miles

Virgin Trains East Coast

Annual passengers: 21 million
Train carriages: 402
Employees: 2,800
Network size: 936 miles

  • Annual passengers
    278 million
  • Train services
  • Employees
  • Network size
    2,400 miles