Meet Our People

Our business is about local people delivering local services to local communities. We value our people and have a sector-leading commitment to training and development. With us, you can realise your potential and be at the heart of providing high-quality public transport that people trust every day.

Christina Ratcliffe
Operations Manager, Stagecoach UK Bus

Joined: 2005
My story: I joined Stagecoach as a graduate trainee. Stagecoach stood out for me. I wanted a clear career path and choices across a wide range of roles. Stagecoach offered this variety, coupled with the certainty of well thought through support structures. It also offered a role that wasn’t desk-bound around a 9 to 5 office job. Although I’m working for a multi-national company, I feel like part of a big family. What I love is the buzz and energy around the business. Responsibility comes early on, and you have a safety net of managers around you. I am now responsible for over 300 drivers. It’s a role where you really have to get “stuck in”. I won “Young Manager of the Year” at the UK Bus awards. It was totally unexpected as my boss entered me for it, and it’s nice to get a bit of extra recognition for what you do.

Photograph of Christina Ratcliffe
Tom Large
Engineering Manager, Stagecoach UK Bus

Joined: 2009
My story: I can’t say enough about the training. It’s so comprehensive Stagecoach has delivered on what it promised. If I had to describe Stagecoach in three words I’d say they’re proactive, modern and forward-looking – and they’re also very much at the forefront of technology. I spent the first few months with Stagecoach as a graduate trainee on the shop floor alongside fitting staff getting my hands dirty. I then had lots of training in HR and management, as well as spells in operations and with the commercial team. It’s a hugely enjoyable role. It can be hectic at times so you need to be able to keep calm under pressure. You also need solid engineering skills, but equally important is business acumen and an aptitude for management. But as long as you’ve got the motivation, Stagecoach will bring all those skills out in you.

Photograph of Tom Large
Deborah Harris
Train Service Manager, East Midlands Trains

Joined: 1990
My story: I joined the company 20 years ago as an on train stewardess. Since then, I’ve worked in various roles and I’ve been given some fantastic opportunities to progress in my career. Since we became part of Stagecoach Group in 2007, I’ve seen some great improvements. There are more opportunities to develop and I joined the management team of East Midlands Trains in November 2010 as a Train Service Manager helping to manage the on-train team at Derby. This is a challenging role involving safety, performance, recruitment and employment law, just to name a few areas. Communication with our teams is really important and we travel regularly on our trains to monitor and improve our service. The most important thing for me after all these years is the company’s values and behaviours. Each employee is treated as an individual with respect for each other regardless of their position in the company or the experience they have. It really is a great company to work for!

Photograph of Deborah Harris
Phil Murgatroyd
Service Driver, Neville Hill Traincare Depot, East Midlands Trains

Joined: 2004
My story: I started as an apprentice in electro-mechanical engineering, which involved train servicing and heavy maintenance of the High Speed Trains. At the end of my four-year apprenticeship, I became a senior team member on the shop floor of the depot. Using the experience and qualifications gained in my time with the company, I successfully applied to be a Service Driver at Neville Hill Depot in Leeds. I’ve now completed my training, so I’m a fully fledged driver helping to move passenger trains around the depot. I’ve been lucky to gain experience of many different working environments, and have been given the opportunity to travel across the network and see how different departments work. There are always changes along the way, but we have a close-knit team that can work through many technical challenges. One of the most enjoyable bits is the sheer unpredictability of the job and quick-thinking and problem solving is a definite must!

Photograph of Phil Murgatroyd
Mike Civil
Driver Manager, South West Trains

Joined: 2001
My story: The support and feedback I have received from my manager since joining the company as a train driver has been excellent, particularly the ‘Time With Your Manager’ initiative that means I get one-to-one quality time twice a year. From the beginning, it was clear that the company values and supports its people and their development. Thanks to regular internal vacancy lists, I became aware of the opportunity to become a Driver Manager. Being able to mentor and help new drivers from the time they first start their practical work through to passing out as a fully fledged driver is really rewarding. I particularly value providing support to other drivers at regular best practice sessions, or when I join them in the cab.

John Doughty
Driver Manager, Guildford, South West Trains

Joined: 2001
My story: South West Trains is the largest train company in the UK and there are lots of opportunities for career development. I joined in 2001 as a train driver. I’ve been a Driver Manager at Bournemouth / Weymouth since 2010 after a secondment at Wimbledon Park depot. I have found the training courses required for the role of Driver Manager very interesting and invaluable in developing the skills I need for my role on a day-to-day basis. There is a very strong team spirit and colleagues are always willing to help when needed. I really enjoy my role as a Driver Manager and the variety of situations I face every day. There is always something new to learn.

Photograph of John Doughty
Louise Simpson
Operations Manager

Joined: September 2010
My story:“After university I got a temporary job with PSV Claims, Stagecoach’s insurance company. Then someone asked if I’d considered their graduate scheme and I must admit, I didn’t even know they had one. So I researched it and it sounded great, very different to other schemes I’d looked at. I knew I wanted to work with people, not computers and figures, and liked the idea of gaining real management experience quickly. The likelihood of a proper job at the end was a big incentive too!

In my first year I had a go at just about everything that goes on in a depot - from fuelling and steam-cleaning buses to sitting in on local authority meetings. I was encouraged to get hands-on - it’s the best way to learn how the company operates.

In my second year I was made Assistant Operations Manager of our Stockport depot, basically helping run the day-to-day stuff - and there’s lots of it! There’s no such thing as ‘a typical day’. Every depot’s different, so the detail of what I do may not be what Assistant Operations Managers in other depots do. One thing’s for sure though – things change at a moment’s notice so you have to think on your feet.

Since leaving Stockport I have managed four different depots all over the country, from sunny Torquay in South Devon to not-so-sunny Liverpool and now I am in East Scotland. Every one of them has been a completely different challenge because they each vary in so many ways - including the size, number of staff and vehicles, style and type of operation, management structure and the location itself. I have worked with so many fantastic people who have all encouraged me and helped with my own personal and professional development along the way and I've never stopped learning from them in the last 6 years.

Our business is moving forward in so many ways and it's really exciting to be a part of that; I have every confidence in continuing to grow and develop my career with Stagecoach and can't wait to see what my future holds."

Photograph of John Doughty
Peter Knight
Operations Director

Joined: September 2010
My story: Four things stood out for me about the Stagecoach graduate scheme - the variety, the opportunity for early responsibility, the exposure to industry leaders from day one, and the chance to move from one location to another and gain many varying experiences. The training was clearly defined and the idea of working in busy and unpredictable environments really appealed to me.

In my first year I was immersed in the business from top to bottom - one day spent working under buses in the engineering department, the next meeting with the directors of the local operating company. It really was that varied. I learned to drive a bus in service, met customers and got to grips with depot control and its managerial functions. This hands-on experience, combined with various training courses throughout the year, gave me a solid start.

In my second year I was appointed Assistant Operations Manager at our Stockton depot. This meant I shared responsibility for managing 156 drivers and 80 vehicles. My main responsibility was to recruit and develop staff, and focus on high standards of service delivery. A lot of my time was spent responding to customer feedback, and managing drivers and control office staff. I also attended meetings with local stakeholders and local authority partners.

This second year led to various Operations Managers roles in the Midlands and culminated in a General Managers role at our operation based in Milan. I certainly never saw my career with Stagecoach taking me to working in Italy for 2 years!

I am currently Operations Director at Scottish Citylink Coaches based in Glasgow and although I have now reached a Director’s position, the coaching and mentoring has not stopped, there is still a focus on professional and personal development. Certainly the culture here encourages people to voice their opinions – I certainly believe that the experiences earlier in my career through the Stagecoach graduate scheme gave me the strong foundations to build on and have helped me progress to my current position. The responsibility, variety and challenge is certainly something I have thrived upon.

Photograph of John Doughty