What You Could Do

Our dedicated bus, rail and finance graduates training programmes are recognised as among the best in the transport sector. They give you real hands-on business experience, complemented by classroom-style tuition and the back-up of management mentors. With the right application and ambition, you can fast-track your way to a full-time management position.

UK BUS: We have two key programmes: an operational management scheme and an engineering management scheme. The two-year graduate programmes give you real hands-on business experience, complemented by a wide range of off-the-job development and classroom-style tuition. Find out more here

UK RAIL: Our one-year programme is a concentrated and comprehensive introduction to all elements of running a multi-million-pound customer focused and complex transport operation. We are looking for a new generation of managers to deliver our services at South West Trains, one of the busiest commuter rail networks in Europe. By successfully completing the programme, you are guaranteed a managerial position at one of the UK’s biggest train companies.Find out more here

FINANCE: Our three year Finance Graduate programme provides a great opportunity to pursue a career in finance and accountancy, combining training for a Chartered Accountant qualification with work experience and skills development within a dynamic, commercial industry environment. Find out more here