What You Could Do

Fairness, respect and a strong commitment to equal opportunities are central to how we work. Our customers come first - and our focus is on new ideas and making things happen. We also believe in helping our people develop their skills and rewarding them for their performance,

Our Code of Conduct sets out our core values and policies in a number of areas.

It sets clear standards on how we deal with our employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, and the wider communities in which we work. These values apply to every director, manager and employee in all our companies across our global operations.

Our core values:

  • Meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Total commitment to health and safety
  • Innovation, new ideas and initiatives to out-perform our competitors
  • Short chains of command and no unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Building constructive relationships with all our stakeholders
  • Promoting a sustainable environment
  • Encouraging our people to maximise their potential Ambition, openness and honesty
  • A culture that encourages mutual respect and teamwork
  • Offering incentives to perform and rewards for calculated risk
  • Commitment to ongoing improvement and effectively managing change
  • An active member of our local communities.
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