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  • We have built up strong relationships with trade unions and continue to work and consult with them
  • Our StagecoachSmart scheme provides smarter ticketing on our bus, rail and tram services
  • Our companies all work closely with local authorities in delivering improved transport for local people
  • Stagecoach Group contributes more than £300million to the UK Exchequer every year
  • We are a leading investor in hybrid buses, with hundreds currently in service in the UK
  • Safety is our absolute priority and all employees are fully trained in robust safety procedures
  • We provided a free heart health screening for all UK Bus employees using our Healthy Heart Bus
  • We believe in launching innovative products such as our sleepercoach services which have seats that turn into lie-flat beds
  • 91% of our buses are low-floor and our drivers receive specific training on how to assist customers with special mobility requirements
  • Our staff raise thousands of pounds for charity every year through fundraising activities and totals are often match-funded by the company
  • Our train companies have invested heavily in improved cycle facilities at our stations
  • We work hard to deliver first class customer service to all of our bus and rail passengers
  • Our rail companies are investing millions of pounds in delivering improvements to trains and stations
  • We have been delivering budget coach travel for 10 years through with fares from £1
  • Stagecoach has twice been independently rated as offering the best value bus fares in Britain
  • We support the introduction of Park&Ride sites to encourage greener travel
  • We support and promote bus priority measures by our local authority partners
  • We have contributed to a multi-million rail replacement project to protect the future of tram services in Sheffield in the years to come


Sustainability is our business. Our buses and trains connect people with jobs and training. We provide access to education and health services. Our links to retail outlets and leisure activities are crucial to local economies. And our carbon efficient transport supports government efforts to tackle climate change.

Our values are built around growth and sustainability because it is right for our business, our customers, our people and our planet.

Together we can turn our shared responsibility into a positive shared future.

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A message from our Chief Executive

Hear from Martin Griffiths about why he thinks a continued focus on sustainability is so important for Stagecoach going forward.


reduction in our carbon intensity over the past five years


has been pledged to support the London Air Ambulance and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

8 out of 10

UK rail journeys are made using a discounted ticket

91 percentage

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Without our customers we have no business. We recognise they are all different – but they want the same thing: good value, accessible and high quality travel. Our track-record shows our commitment, but we are committed to getting


As a successful business, and a large employer within the UK and North America, we make a large financial contribution to the UK Government every single year – significantly more than our business makes in profits.


Our business is built on our people. We have a diverse, high-quality team. By investing in their skills and talent, we can better serve our customers.


We play a vital role in the communities in which we operate, providing lifeline bus services and employment for local people. We also invest part of our profits in good causes and community projects, as well as supporting staff in their fundraising efforts and charitable giving.


We are leading the way in making public transport more accessible, improving integration between buses and trains, providing great value travel and using smarter technology to make journeys easier.


The choices we all make every day affect our planet. Climate change shows how fragile it has become. But our buses and trains are part of the solution. Find out how we are reducing our local environmental impacts, improving energy efficiency, increasing recycling and conserving water.


Safety is our absolute priority – for our customers and our people. We invest in state-of-the-art, industry-leading safety systems. Public transport is the safest way to travel, but we continuously monitor and review our performance to improve further.


Find out how much carbon you can save by catching the bus or train.