Economic Contribution

Our businesses provide direct employment for around 34,000 people in the UK, from bus and train drivers to engineers and customer service staff. We also employ a further 5,000 people in the United States and Canada.

We spend millions of pounds a year with thousands of small, medium and large businesses across the UK and North America, helping secure jobs through the supply chain.

Stagecoach has invested more than £1billion in around 6,500 new buses for its networks in the UK in the past decade, with the vast majority of orders going to British manufacturers and helping safeguard and create jobs in the UK. The financial burden of this investment if bus services were publicly owned would otherwise fall to taxpayers.

As a business we make a major social and economic contribution to the UK and we generate around 30% more in total tax incomes for the country than our business makes in profits.

Through payroll, corporation taxes and other business-related taxes, Stagecoach Group and our employees contribute over £300 million to the UK Exchequer each year. In recent years, we have also made millions of pounds of additional pension contributions on top of our regular payments as part of our commitment to our people.

  • 1000 jobs created by in the US and Canada
    £300m+ annual contribution we make to the UK Exchequer
    £300m+ annual payments to Government from our UK rail companies
    1 in 10 UK bus commuters would be forced to look for another job if they could no longer commute by bus
    50% of students are frequent bus users in the UK
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