Safety and health

Safety is at the heart of everything we do across all of our operations. It is our absolute number one priority.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of safety and health for our employees and customers. Public transport remains the safest way to travel and we have a good safety record. We have a proactive culture across the Group that ensures health and safety remains our top priority.

At our bus and rail operations in the UK and North America we have a strong focus on employee training, accident reduction, regulatory compliance and security preparedness. Health and Safety processes and performance are monitored and reported on across the Group with immediate action taken should there be a need to address issues within our procedures. 

Our Health, Safety and Environment Committee, chaired by a non-executive director, considers this area of the business and monitors a range of performance indicators, reporting to the Board on these matters. We expect our suppliers and contractors to have the same commitment as our employees to complying with appropriate health and safety regulations.

  • 100% the number of new buses fitted with CCTV
    100% the number of stations on the South West Trains network covered by CCTV
    0 number of passenger fatalities on our rail services last year
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  • UK Rail

    How safety for our customers and staff is central to our rail companies

  • North America

    The steps we take to make sure our employees and passengers work and travel in a safe environment

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